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Detail View

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Detail View

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Detail View

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This view shows the properties of a model element. If the element has relations to other elements, then links to corresponding detail views are available. See descriptions of the different detail views by following the links below:


Detail View for External Models
Detail View for Process Steps
Detail View for Stores
Detail View for Groups
Detail View for Resources
Detail View for Notes
Detail View for Information Items


The toolbar at the top of the frame has the following options:

Select Model

Opens the Select Model window.


Prints the contents of the active detail view.


Creates a bookmark of the current view. The bookmark becomes available in the My Contents tab.

Add to Basket

Adds the current view to basket in order to use the view in your Briefing Booklet.

Show Flow Chart

This option is available in the detail views of process steps, groups, and stores. Displays the process step or store highlighted on a flow chart.


This option is available in the detail views of process level, process steps, and stores. Displays the actions of the model element.

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