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E-mail Notification

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E-mail Notification

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E-mail Notification

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When the alert receivers (users or user groups) are alerted, an e-mail notification will be sent to each of them.


The e-mail notification contains the following information:




Sender's name and
e-mail address.


Subject "Scorecard Notification: <type of alarm>"


Scorecard Notification : Value Missing
Scorecard Notification : Value Enters Range
Scorecard Notification : Value Changed


Text field


The name of the model
The name of the scorecard
The names of the element and series, the series name in parentheses after the element name
The period
The value and the unit for the series (if the alert type is 'Value missing')
The range (if the alert type is 'Value enters range' )
The optional WWW address
The optional link for sending the e-mail to the element's person in charge. The person in charge is the first (i.e. the topmost) role defined for the element in the General tab in the Element Properties window.
The Contact person in charge is added to the e-mail, if the person in charge is different from the recipient of the e-mail.
The optional link for the Web Client's Element Views



See the "QPR ScoreCard E-mail Notification System" section in QPR Developer's Guide for information about customizing the notifications.


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