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Embedded Information

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Embedded Information

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Embedded Information

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The external information can also be embedded to information items. Here, the information is copied to information item and saved along QPR ProcessGuide model to file or QPR database.


The information item refresh option makes updating the embedded information items easier. The update can be set to be automatic (all embedded information items are refreshed when the model is saved) or the embedding can be done manually. The manual refresh can be done from the Model Properties dialog, which will update every embedded information item in the model with a single click, or separately from the Information Item dialog.


The model size may grow huge if there are many information items with embedded information. This must be taken into account, e.g. when database storage allocation is considered.


The embedded information is automatically available in Web Publishing without extra effort.



No need to worry about information locations.


QPR ProcessGuide model sizes may grow enormously


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