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External Model Process Step Type

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External Model Process Step Type

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External Model Process Step Type

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QPR ProcessGuide allows its users to create new process step types that are used to connect to external models or files. External model process steps are similar to the existing process steps: they contain the properties that other process types do (e.g. resources and incoming and outgoing flows) and can be created and used in the same way any other process steps. In addition to the functionality of other process steps, external model process steps can be used to open other QPR ProcessGuide file models, other files, or even web pages.


External model process step type can be created with the New Process Step Type dialog, which is accessible by clicking the New  button in the Modeling Options dialog. Once the external model process step type has been created, a new process step drawing tool appears in the Tool Palette and is available for use within the current model.



Linking an External Model

Select the created external model process step drawing tool from the Tool Palette, draw a process step, and assign a name for it.


Open the Process Step Properties dialog by double-clicking the process step or right-clicking it and selecting Process Step Properties from the pop-up menu.


Select the External Model page in the process step properties dialog. Note that this tab is not available for other process step types than External Model.



External Model page of the Process Step Properties dialog


Enter a web page location to the URL field or select the location of a file by clicking the Browse button.


By default QPR ProcessGuide saves the full path of the external file once it has been selected. If you wish to embed the external model to the model, select the Embedded information radio button. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.


If you wish to open the external file in its registered program at this time, click the Open button. See the topic below for more information about opening the external file.


To clear the information location, click the Remove button.


Click OK to apply the information to the process step and return back to the flowchart view.



Opening the External File

To open the external file, right-click the external model process step and select Open from the pop-up menu or double-click the external model process step to open the Process Step Properties dialog, select the External Model page, and click the Open button. QPR ProcessGuide models are opened in new ProcessGuide instance, using the current user information. External file models are opened in their default programs. Web pages are opened in the current browser.



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