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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 8.1


Returns element values and statuses in ElementValues parameter. If parameter ElementId is 0, then values and statuses for all measures are returned. If SeriesSymbol is empty, then values and statuses for all series are returned. If PeriodId is 0, then values and statuses for periods are returned.




SCModel.GetStatuses(ElementId, SeriesSymbol, PeriodId, out ElementValues)




ElementId: Integer. Value 0 refers to all elements

SeriesSymbol: String. Empty symbol refers to all series. Also constant value _DEFAULT can be used.

PeriodId: Integer. Value 0 refers to all periods. Also the following predefined constants can be used: LATEST = -1, CURRENTPERIOD = -2, PREVIOUS = -5, NEXT = -6. In the case the LATEST period is used, the latest existing value for each series is used, so there might be values from different periods for different series.

ElementValues: Pointer to variant array. The array has one row per value and a row contains the following columns:

Measure symbol, string
Scorecard symbol, string
Series symbol, string
Period name, string
Period start date, string (format depends on operating system's settings)
Period end date, string
Value, double
Range name, string
Range value, double
Indicator color, 4-byte integer value, which represents RGB color for the range
Trend value. integer (-2 = no trend, -1 = down, 0 = middle, 1 = up)
Formatted value, string. Value is formatted using the formatting attributes of the measurement unit.
Value unit, string
Status, string


Required Rights:


View rights to statuses


Return Values:

Below are listed the return values that this function can return:












Example Procedure:


iRet = oModel.GetStatuses(0, "", 0, Statuses)


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