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How to Use This Guide?

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How to Use This Guide?

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How to Use This Guide?

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This guide was designed for two different type of users with different needs and expectations. Novice users are expected to prefer basic and tutorial type of information about QPR ScoreCard, while experienced users are assumed to be keen on detailed information on well focused issues. The needs of these so called task oriented (novice) and function oriented (advanced) users are both covered.


Accessing this Guide

There are four ways to access this guide:


1.Context Sensitive Help. The Context Sensitive Help uses topics of this guide. When you click the QPR ScoreCard Help button in the Help tab of the Ribbon, the help button btn_help in the the windows or dialogs, or press the F1 key, this guide will be loaded and opened on the relevant place.
2.Table of Contents. Clicking the Table of Contents button in the Help tab of the Ribbon will open this guide.
3.ScoreCard installation directory. Double-clicking the file "scdclient_en.chm" in the ScoreCard folder opens this guide.
4.PDF. The Documentation folder on the QPR CD contains also a PDF version of this document.


Locating Information

The guide is divided into six sections: Introduction, Starting QPR ScoreCard, Using QPR ScoreCard, Customizing QPR ScoreCard, Security, and Exiting QPR ScoreCard. In addition, there is a title page, which provides quick links to different sections.


Introduction provides background information on QPR ScoreCard. If you are a novice user, it is recommended to read the Introduction and the Starting QPR ScoreCard section before executing the program, and Exiting QPR ScoreCard before exiting the program. To learn how to perform the most common ScoreCard tasks, read section Using QPR ScoreCard.


If you need to know how to customize QPR ScoreCard to better suit your needs, study the Customizing QPR ScoreCard section.

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