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Import Model

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Import Model

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Models in QPR ScoreCard are saved in the ScoreCard database. Once a model has been exported to file format, then it can be easily handled like any other file, i.e. saved to disk, attached to an e-mail, etc.



Importing a Model

To import a model into QPR ScoreCard (from file format), do the following:


1.From the Application menu, select Manage > Import. The "Select an import file" window appears.
2.Select the model you want to import. Click Open. The Import model window opens.
3.In the Name for the model field, type a descriptive name for the model you want to import.
4.Click OK. The model has been imported once the cursor changes from an hourglass back to normal.

Note: The name you give to a model you import does not have to be the same as the original model name. Notice also that for importing a model the file must exist.

When you import a model, you will import all the view settings, too, since they are stored in the exported model. For more information on view settings see Configuring the Scorecard View and Configuring the Strategy Map view.


Note: If you try to import a QPR script file (which are also *.smf files), you will get an error message about the script file not containing a model. Scripts can be executed with the Run command.


Note: QPR ScoreCard 8.1 supports imports for models created with QPR ScoreCard 7.0 or newer.

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