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Importing File Models into the Server

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Importing File Models into the Server

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Importing File Models into the Server

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It is possible for administrator users to save file models as Server models. In the case an old ProcessGuide file model using user rights is imported to the Server, all user rights are removed and the administrator has the possibility of protecting the model with a password. To find out how to import Server models from file models, follow the steps below.


Importing a File Model Made with ProcessGuide 7.0 or Later:

bullet2 Open a file model and connect to the Server.

bullet2  From the Application menu select Save As arrow_right Server Model.

bullet2  Enter a name for the model. Note that you need to be an administrator to be able to save a file model as a Server model.

bullet2  Click Save.

bullet2  An information dialog is shown, telling that the file model will be saved in the Server. Click OK.

bullet2  Another dialog is shown, informing that the current user has now full rights to the model.


Model is now saved into the Application Server.


Note: File models created with ProcessGuide versions earlier than 7.0 are not supported.

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