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Linking ScoreCard Measures to Process Steps

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Linking ScoreCard Measures to Process Steps

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Linking ScoreCard Measures to Process Steps

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When linking QPR ScoreCard measures to process steps, you need to have the full QPR package installed. in addition, it must be possible to to use both products through the QPR Portal. If you have problems installing and setting up the products, consult the QPR Administrator 's Guide and the QPR Help Desk.


mouse_24 Exercise 75: Link the QPR ScoreCard measure "Financial" in the Dentorex Group Scorecard model to the "Financial Management" process step in the Dentorex Group Processes ProcessGuide model.


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex Group Processes server model in QPR ProcessGuide and the Dentorex Group Scorecard model in QPR ScoreCard.
BTN_AR132. In QPR ProcessGuide, open the ScoreCard Link Properties dialog by clicking the btn_ribbon_scorecard_link button on the Model tab of the ribbon and verify that ScoreCard link is enabled:


BTN_AR133. Open the Scorecard Navigator view in QPR ScoreCard.
BTN_AR134. Open the Flow Chart view or Navigator view in QPR ProcessGuide.
BTN_AR135. In the Scorecard navigator, select the Financial strategic objective, click it with the left mouse button and hold down the mouse button.
BTN_AR136. Drag the Financial strategic objective over the Financial Management process step in QPR ProcessGuide and release the mouse button when the mouse cursor has changed to an arrow with a plus sign below it.
BTN_AR137. The ScoreCard Link dialog will open with all the necessary information input already. Verify that the information is correct and click the OK button. A link is now established.
BTN_AR138. Make sure that the Dentorex Group Processes model is set to be published, i.e. the Published to Web button on the Home tab is selected.
BTN_AR139. Press Ctrl + S to save the model and log into QPR Portal. Open the Processes tab and select the Dentorex Group Processes model. You should see ScoreCard indicator connected to the process step "Financial Management". Also, on the Scorecards page there should be a process step symbol in the "Financial" element of the Dentorex Group Scorecard model (click the Show PG Links link in the toolbar if you can't see the symbol).


Process step with a ScoreCard indicator.



Process step symbol in ScoreCard element.


See the Link ProcessGuide and ScoreCard Models topic in QPR ProcessGuide - User's Guide for more information about linking ScoreCard measures to process steps.

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