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Modfying the Actual Values of a Measure

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Modfying the Actual Values of a Measure

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Modfying the Actual Values of a Measure

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mouse_24 Exercise 11: Modify the Actual Values of the 'Market Share' Measure in the Asia Sales Office Scorecard.


BTN_AR131. On the Scorecards tab, click Scorecards.
BTN_AR132. On the Navigation Frame, click the icon_expand button next to the Dentorex Group scorecard to expand the scorecard hierarchy and select the Asia Sales Office scorecard:



BTN_AR133. In the Viewing Frame, right click the Growth element and select Show Sub-elements from the menu:


BTN_AR134. In the Viewing Frame, click the Market Share element:


BTN_AR135. On the Details Pane, switch to the Values tab and click Edit:


BTN_AR136. The Edit Values view opens. Type in new values in the Actual column:


BTN_AR137. Click Submit to save the values.

The values can now be seen in the Values tab section of the Details Pane.

For more information, see the Edit Values View topic in QPR Portal - User's Guide.

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