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Modifying Your Personal Profile

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Modifying Your Personal Profile

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Modifying Your Personal Profile

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In the My Profile section, you can modify your personal information, i.e. change your password, E-mail address or change the language and modeling language (currently affects only QPR ProcessGuide) you prefer to use.


mouse_24 Exercise 16: Change Your E-mail Address.


BTN_AR131. In the top right section of the window, click Settings:


BTN_AR132. The My Profile window opens. Change the E-mail address. This information is updated to the QPR User Management System, and it is used for example in the e-mail alerting system:


BTN_AR133. From the Modeling language drop-down menu, select some other language:


BTN_AR134. Click OK to save the changes.

For more information, see the Settings topic in QPR Portal - User's Guide.

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