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Previous Versions of QPR ScoreCard

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Previous Versions of QPR ScoreCard

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QPR ScoreCard Version History


QPR ScoreCard Version


QPR ScoreCard 8.0

2008 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 7.6

2007 / Q3

QPR ScoreCard 7.5

2006 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 7.4

2005 / Q3

QPR ScoreCard 7.3

2004 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 7.2

2004 / Q1

QPR ScoreCard 7.1

2003 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 7.0

2003 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 4.5

2002 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 4.1

2002 / Q1

QPR ScoreCard 4.0

2001 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 3.1

2001 / Q1

QPR ScoreCard 3.0

2000 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 2.5.1

2000 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 2.5

2000 / Q1

QPR ScoreCard 2.4

1999 / Q4

QPR ScoreCard 2.3.1

1999 / Q3

QPR ScoreCard 2.3

1999 / Q3

QPR ScoreCard 2.2.2

1999 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 2.2.1

1999 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 2.2

1999 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 2.1

1999 / Q2

QPR ScoreCard 2.0

1999 / Q1

QPR ScoreCard 1.0

1998 / Q4*

* Not a public release



QPR ScoreCard 8.0

QPR ScoreCard 8.0 includes the following new features:


Improved User Interface

Ribbon-based fluent user interface for QPR ScoreCard Designer
History Chart Template selection box increased in size in QPR ScoreCard Designer
Possibility to set orientation for traffic lights and linear gauges in strategy map views


Improved Charting Capabilities

Possibility to create Pie Charts, Donut Charts, Radar Charts and Risk Heat Maps
Possibility to select gradients for charts
Possibility to select gradients for legend box backgrounds


Improved Modeling

Addition of statistical functions to formula definition dialog
Improved ability to create scorecards from strategy maps




QPR ScoreCard 7.6

QPR ScoreCard 7.6 includes the following new features:


More Powerful Dashboarding

Add performance indicators and history graphs directly to your dashboard or strategy map view, in order to provide a more complete view of performance.
Show the actual performance numbers, targets and alarms from different periods in the same dashboard.


Performance Benchmarking and Analysis

Create benchmark charts that compare performance of elements from different scorecards in one graph.
Create scatter plots to analyze and visualize the cause and effect relationship between different KPI's
Create multiple graphs and indicators for one KPI and publish them through the QPR Portal.


Improved Collaboration with Customizable Actions

Tailor the comments, action plans, risks etc to fit the information needs of Your organization
Add your own data fields, tailor the field options, and use the terminology Your organization is familiar with


Improved Integration

Single sign-on can now be realized to a wide variety of third party web portal products & systems.
Extended QPR API (Application Programming Interface) to cover also alerts, linked elements and graph periods.


Windows Vista Compatibility

QPR ScoreCard can be used on a wide variety of Microsoft operating systems now including also Microsoft Windows Vista™.



QPR ScoreCard 7.5

QPR ScoreCard 7.5 includes the following new features:


Revitalized User Experience and Ease of Use

New colorful look & feel with full support for XP skins. Scorecarding has never been this enjoyable!
New menu structure helping You feel at home from the first minute You start using QPR ScoreCard.
Customizable, docking and floating toolbars for fast access to Your favorite tools.

Improved Tractability with Role Assignments

Assign detailed responsibilities for metrics to keep track of KPI owners, supervisors, data providers, etc.

Ready to Run Performance Report in Microsoft Word

Export Your scorecards and other performance management information for easy printing, distribution and archiving.
Create customized scorecard publications using the QPR API and Microsoft Office applications. Combine dashboards, strategy maps, performance maps, graphs and model information into one document, publish it or send it by email.

Improved Performance & Scalability

Whether Your organization is a small/medium sized organization or a global conglomerate, QPR ScoreCard supports the roll-out of Your performance management system to cover Your entire organization and all aspects of Your business.
Faster system response times provide users with fast access to their performance information even at peak load times.



QPR ScoreCard 7.4

QPR ScoreCard 7.4 includes the following new features:


Improved Strategy Mapping and Dashboarding

Strategy map driven scorecarding. Powerful strategy mapping tools help you design, define and visualize your strategy and use them as a basis for creating truly strategy-aligned scorecards.
Notes, free shapes, and images can be added to the strategy maps and dashboards. Create a richer visualization of the strategy and graphically attractive dashboards.
Drag and drop dashboarding. Add any performance measure to your customized performance dashboard with a simple drag and drop.
New gauge symbol can be used as an alternative for traffic lights on dashboards and Scorecard views.


Powerful Performance Analysis

Configurable tabular analysis view allows users to analyze performance information directly in the QPR Portal.
Sort performance measures according to any measure attribute.
Set filter criteria to select the relevant performance measures.
More flexible hierarchical Scorecard Navigator. Free amount of columns and possibility to compare performance data across values from multiple periods in one view.
Improved trend analysis. Analyze trends of any data series of your performance management framework. Create your custom logic for the trend calculation with e.g. moving averages.
Benchmark performance across scorecards and create summary reports.
Improved history charting. Show target and alarm limits with bar or line graphs and set custom headers for graphs.


QPR ScoreCard 7.3

QPR ScoreCard 7.3 includes the following new features:


Improved Dashboarding, Strategy and Performance Mapping

Highly flexible dashboarding and strategy mapping with versatile and flexible visualization of the performance management elements.
Create performance maps by adding background images.
Automatically arrange elements in the graphical scorecard view and have the elements visualized in a more versatile and attractive way.
Expand and collapse the element hierarchies in the graphical scorecard view also in QPR Portal.
Easy navigation, zoom and scrolling with the new floating SVG Navigation toolbar in QPR Portal.


More Powerful Scorecarding

Template Scorecards for effective creation and maintenance of homogenous scorecard structures by enabling scorecards to inherit all or some measures and measure definitions from a template scorecard.
New calculation engine gives better performance and provides an extended library of calculation functions providing more flexibility to consolidation of scorecards and calculation of key figures and forecasts based on actual measurement information.


Customized Management Publications with QPR API

Automatic creation of customized performance management publications using the QPR API and Microsoft Office applications. Combine dashboards, strategy maps, performance maps, graphs and model information into one document, publish it or send it by email.


Easy access

Single sign-on. QPR ScoreCard D-Client and Portal users are authenticated directly by the operating system so that the software does not ask the user for the username and password if the user is already authenticated to the Windows Domain.


QPR ScoreCard 7.2

QPR ScoreCard 7.2 includes the following new features:


More Efficient Collaboration and Personalization        

Risk management. Let your organization collaboratively identify your business risks as well as define mitigation actions and manage risks systematically.
Redesigned What's New view. A new way for users to stay up to date with the changing performance management information as well as the ongoing discussions.
Redesigned My Responsibilities view. All your scorecards, processes, measures, action plans and discussion openings in one easy to access view.
Automatic login of users. Access the information of the QPR Collaboration Portal without a separate login.        


More Powerful Scorecarding        

Qualitative measures enable organization to easily assess the performance of their soft measures with the help of verbal performance levels.
Parallel and overlapping periods. The improved flexibility of the period system enables usage of multiple parallel and overlapping period levels such as weeks and months within one scorecard.
Approval process and status control for values lets users set the status of each measure value separately and thus enables formal approval of the values as well as automatic locking of approved values.
Multi-unit measures can be used to present e.g. actual and relative performance data within one measure and presented in the same graph.
Customizable order of measures. Scorecard developers can now freely set the order in which the measures are presented.        


Improved Strategy Mapping With QPR ProcessGuide        

Advanced strategy mapping with QPR ProcessGuide. Create multi-level strategy maps with drill-downs. Use strategic themes, link, or embed strategy documents and add notes. Graphical improvements such as curved flows and new node types let you create visually attractive strategy maps with QPR ProcessGuide
QPR ProcessGuide strategy maps view option lets users access strategy maps created with QPR ProcessGuide directly from the Strategy Maps section of the QPR Collaboration Portal.        


Powerful Integration and Automatic Model Building        

Script API interface. Create your own script modules which can automatically extract, transform and load information from and to QPR ScoreCard. Automatically build models from information obtained from third party systems.
XML support. Ready-made script modules enable importing and exporting of Scorecard information into XML formats such as the BSCOL XML format.        


Improved Maintenance Efficiency        

Common QPR Configuration Manager lets you manage the configuration and settings of all QPR software components with one centralized configuration tool.
Database test utility. This utility lets system administrators automatically validate database configuration and ensure system reliability.        


...and Many Other Improvements


QPR ScoreCard 7.1

QPR ScoreCard 7.1 includes the following new features:


More Powerful Action Management        

Cross referencing of Actions. The possibility to cross reference actions enable organizations to link their actions to all the relevant measure as well as create action programs which combine actions from many different scorecards.
Linking Actions to Processes and initial process steps creates a new concrete way to execute strategic initiatives.        


Improved Control over Bookmarks and Portal Customizations        

Bookmark Management enables easy publishing and administration of the most commonly used views to large amounts of users.
Customization stylesheet containing all the graphical customization made to the QPR Portal in one easy to manage style definition file.        


Easier Printing and Improved Standard Reporting        

Print mode for Briefing Booklets. Print an entire briefing booklet in one go by utilizing the print mode of Briefing booklets.
Standard Seagate Crystal Reports templates for complementing the standard views and reports of the QPR Portal. These standard reports can also be used as templates for custom reports.
Database views for reporting provides an easy platform to create custom reports fast using any ODBC compliant third party reporting tool.        


Easier Installation, Product Activation and Maintenance        

New installation sets enabling installation of a system solution with one easy to configure installation. Installing a QPR system has never been easier.
New product activation options. QPR now fully supports pay per use activations.
Common QPR database. All QPR Software components now use one centralized database. This means, easy installation and easy maintenance. One centralized transfer tool provides a fast and easy way transfer data from one database to another.


...and Many Other Improvements        

Direct link to QPR UserNet. Utilize all the QPR documentation, and QPR knowledgebase directly from the QPR Portal with one mouse click.


QPR ScoreCard 7.0

QPR ScoreCard 7.0 includes the following new features:


Web Client


New layout  of Web Client provides a completely new, easier-to-use appearance.
New Scorecard Summary view  presenting all relevant scorecard information in one printable view.
Redesigned measure view  with two detail levels and direct access to the relevant information.


Web-enabled Briefing Booklets


Briefing booklets  provide more effective change communication or periodic reporting . Pick up the relevant web views into a single booklet and distribute it to selected users either via e-mail or web!
Booklet notifications  sent by e-mail to the recipients helps you to distribute booklets.


Web-based Discussion & Initiatives with file Attachments


Discussion & Initiatives  provide a completely new way for feedback and action planning. Web users can comment scorecard performance, as well as provide feedback with attached documents. Also improvement initiatives as well as best practice lessons can be communicated through the Web Client.


Faster, more Flexible and Powerful BSC Modeling


Scorecard Explorer . A Windows Explorer type of user interface makes building scorecards simple and effective.
More powerful formulas . New functions and a more flexible formula syntax enable more accurate modeling of business logic.
Formula templates . A measure can inherit all the standard calculation formulas from its value settings enabling fast introduction of new standard formulas for e.g. forecasting, statistic analysis, benchmarking etc.
Dynamic history chart templates . The graph settings of the history graph can be stored into dynamic history chart settings and applied to other measures. A change in the graph template will propagate to all measures using it.


Better Integration with QPR ProcessGuide


Drill-down from your scorecards to your Processes . A powerful business management suite can be achieved when linking QPR ScoreCard with QPR ProcessGuide . This allows drill-down to both directions between ScoreCard measures and process steps in ProcessGuide in the Web Client. Also measure indicators can be shown directly in process flowcharts.


...and Many Other Improvements


ScoreCard warnings  alert the scorecard owner about exceptional performance in lower levels of the measure hierarchy.
Hierarchical referencing  of measures enables creation of multi-level drill-downs.
More powerful user management  with the possibility of assigning users to multiple groups enables tighter intergration with Windows NT/LDAP based user management.



QPR ScoreCard 4.5

QPR ScoreCard 4.5 includes the following new features:




A major improvement in ScoreCard 4.5 is the ability to easily localize ScoreCard to different languages. This allows localization even to Eastern languages that use a multi-byte character set (Chinese, for example). Users can select the language that is used and QPR partners will be able to provide them with localized help files as well.


Development Client


Introduction Dialog An Introduction Dialog, which will open when starting QPR ScoreCard, has been added to help new users to get familiar with ScoreCard more quickly.
Improvements in the Integration View It is now possible to sort integration tasks according to selected column. This allows viewing the integration tasks that failed, for example.
Improvements in the Scorecard and Model navigators A Strategy Map button has been added to these navigators to allow easier access to the Strategy Map view.
Improved User Management and Portal QPR ScoreCard now supports the 2.5 versions of the QPR User Management System, QPR Web Application Server and the QPR Portal. This allows better bookmarking ability in the QPR Portal and improved user management (e.g. group import), for example.
Improvements in the Scorecard View and the Strategy Map  Defining settings for these views is now easier and clearer. In addition, the settings that are saved now include the period and series as well.
ScoreCard 4.5.1  provides the possibility for locking the measure values that have been input before a certain date (i.e. Web Client Users cannot modify them).
Another New Feature in ScoreCard 4.5.1  is the addition of separate comment rights. User rights for comments are now defined separately for every user instead of deriving the comment rights from element rights.


Web Client


Improved inputting possibilities for values It is now possible to input values for several periods at once at the element value table.
Drill-down from graphical scorecard to another When there is another scorecard referenced in the scorecard view, a link has been added to allow fast viewing of the target scorecard.
Improvements in the Scorecard and Strategy Map Views The views will now open exactly as defined in the Development Client. In addition, when copying scorecards, the relations and positions of the Strategy Map are copied as well.
Improvements in viewing Series in the Web Client It is now possible to view more than three Series in the Web Client. The Series settings are taken directly from the Development Client and cannot be modified in the Web Client anymore.
ScoreCard 4.5.1 Addition : If a user does not have rights to a certain element, the element and its possible child elements are not visible to him or her. As a result of this the user does not get "Access Denied" messages (as in earlier versions) when trying to view elements without having rights to them.



QPR ScoreCard 4.1

QPR ScoreCard 4.1 has several improvements.


Distributed Server Architecture


Wider geographical distribution with multiple application servers having possibility to replicate data between each other. See Importing Models from Another Server.
Possibility to copy and replicate  measures between models


Performance Improvements


Recalculation time improved dramatically
Faster response time in the web client
Faster response time with a great amount of periods
Faster handling of value settings


Calculation and Analysis Improvements


New formula that can ignore missing values
Greater period levels for sub measures are now allowed
Possibility to reverse the trend arrow behavior
Possibility to enter different graph types for different series
Possibility to select the period level also in the Web Client element view


Collaborative Improvements


Enter comments directly in the Element view
Send comments and action plans optionally via e-mail to the person in charge


Misc Improvements


Possibility to rename and delete elements in the web client
Possibility to customize web application server messages when the system is not running
My Measures view now sorted in a more logical way
QPR Portal Administrator's Guide, which describes how to customize the QPR Portal
Strategy Map and Scorecard View now include the zoom factor



QPR ScoreCard 4.0

QPR ScoreCard 4.0 has a new appearance and includes many new features!


New Web Client


QPR Portal provides support for personalized and customizable information in the web
Search function for the web contents
All file types can be published to the web as reports
Improved and customizable layout for views


E-mail Notification System


Alerts are triggered when elements reach specified values
Notification of missing values
Notification of unexpected changes to values
Alerts are fully configurable from the Web Client


Strategy Map


Present your up-to-date strategy maps on the web
Realize your strategy effectiveness with cause&effect analysis
Create different maps by hiding and showing unnecessary information


Improved User Management


Import your users from NT Domain or LDAP-compatible system
Share the same users with other QPR products
Reduces IT-overhead


Usability Improvements


New user interface
History chart templates to ease model development
Improvements to measurement units
Calculation improvements
Improvements to model importing and exporting
Model merging


Performance Improvements


Improved performance for slow Development Client connections



QPR ScoreCard 3.1

In addition to new performance and usability enhancements, QPR ScoreCard 3.1 includes the following new features:


Scorecard View in the Web Client
The Scorecard View, which displays the graphical hierarchy of your scorecard, is now also available in the Web Client. The changes you make to your Scorecard View in the Development Client are updated dynamically in the Web Client.
Personalized language settings  for the Web Client.
Faster navigation  in the Web Client.
Scorecard View saving and loading
It is now possible to save your current Scorecard View, rearrange elements and then reload the saved view to position the elements as they were before.
LATEST parameter
The preserve value functionality has been removed and replaced with the period reference "LATEST" in the formulas. LATEST always gets the latest existing value.
Period selection
The Element Indicator can now be configured to display any period you choose.



QPR ScoreCard 3.0

For easier, more flexible and more powerful model development and communication, version 3.0 introduces many new features into QPR ScoreCard:


New web user interface for enhanced model browsing and communication.


Customizable Modeling Options :


Model templates, to help get you started and bypass arranging the basic settings of your model.


Elements, which can be defined as Measures, Perspectives, or any other category to encompass the quantitative data of your organization.


Linked Elements, which contain the organization's qualitative information, such as visions, strategies and critical success factors.


Periods and Period Levels, which are defined for every element-related value and together make up a Period hierarchy.


Series, which provide categories of measurable values for certain periods.


Ranges, which define the areas of performance between specified series.


Value Settings, which connect the series and ranges to the elements.


A Reporting System that allows you to design, create, and publish reports as well as view them on the web.


OLAP data sources can now be imported into QPR ScoreCard using OLE DB.


Mass importing allows you to import data for several measures and series in one go!

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