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Process Step Graphical Properties Dialog

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Process Step Graphical Properties Dialog

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Process Step Graphical Properties Dialog

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For a process step the following graphical properties can be set:


Modeling direction of the process level (available only for subprocess type of process steps)
Show or hide the Name, Description, Owner, Icon container, Subprocess contents, Instance icon, Number of instances, or any custom attribute types that have been defined for the process step type in the Process Step Type dialog
Properties of the text box for any of the attributes shown

bullet3  Symbol size (width and height in pixels)

bullet3  Color of the edge and the background


Model elements for which graphical properties have not been set are shown using the default graphical properties. Setting graphical properties overrides the default properties. View settings, on the other hand, can override graphical properties regarding visible fields.


If you have selected more than one process step and you change the graphical settings, only those settings that have really changed in the graphical settings dialog are changed to all the selected process steps. If the selected process steps do not have the same values for the property, the value field is empty.


Process Step Graphical Properties dialog



Click the More... button to open the Graphical Properties Dialog and define the additional graphical properties of the element.


Click the Save as Default button to save the current properties as the default graphical properties for a Process step.


Click the Load Default button to apply the default Process step graphical properties to the selected Process step(s).

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