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QPR ProcessGuide Architecture

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QPR ProcessGuide Architecture

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QPR ProcessGuide Architecture

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How does QPR ProcessGuide work?

QPR ProcessGuide consists of three modules: Development Client, Web Client and the ProcessGuide Application Server.


Development Client

The QPR ProcessGuide Development Client is the core of QPR ProcessGuide.  It is used for model creation and development of models, model administration, and web publishing of models.  Also, it can be used for browsing models.


Web Client

The Web Client is the web-based application of QPR ProcessGuide, which allows users to browse models and make updates over the Internet. The Web Client, together with the QPR Portal, provides users with up-to-date, customized views and easily navigable and searchable model information.


ProcessGuide Application Server

The ProcessGuide Application Server handles model management and database operations between the Development Client and database. The ProcessGuide Application Server provides an improved multi-user solution for using QPR ProcessGuide.


QPR Components

These core QPR ProcessGuide modules, the Development Client, the Application Server, and the Web Client, along with the QPR User Management System (UMS) and the QPR Web Application Server (WAS), on which the QPR ProcessGuide plugin and the QPR Portal plugin run, make up the entire QPR ProcessGuide System.


QPR User Management System

The QPR User Management System (UMS) is a user authentication system that is used by QPR products. This system is for the authentication of users, whereas the administering of specific rights to the users is performed separately with each QPR product, i.e. QPR ProcessGuide in this case.


Users and groups can be managed from the QPR User Management Client. Therefore users and groups are not added with QPR ProcessGuide but with the QPR User Management Client.




For more information about the QPR ProcessGuide system architecture, as well as installation and configuration details, please refer to the QPR Administrator's Guide.

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