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Introduced in QPR 8.0


Performs a query and returns the results as a string containing XML. Apart from the return value type this function behaves similarly as QueryObjects, so please see the sub-sections of that function listing for more information about the functions and attributes available.




string QueryObjectsAsXml (string sessionId, string query, string criteria, string sortBy, string attributes, string options)


Return Value:


Result set of the query as a string containing XML. If the set contains objects to which the user does not have rights to, only object ID is returned for those.




sessionId: String. ID of an authenticated session.

query: String. The actual query. See the Query Syntax section for syntax information.

criteria: String.

sortBy: String.

attributes: String. Comma-separated list of attributes that are included in the results.

options: String. Additional options for the query.


Example Procedure:


ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient("WSHttpBinding_IService");

string sessionId = client.Authenticate("qpr", "demo");

string xmlElement = client.QueryObjectsAsXml(sessionId, "[SC.1].SubObjects", "", "", "", "");



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