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Record is a base type for all complex AttributeTypes. Link, LinkToInstance, LinkValue and Instance types are predefined record types. Normally this AttributeType is used when the attribute is an attribute set or an enumerated value, a sub-attribute of an attribute set (where the record contains the attribute value and parent value id) or the attribute is a combination of two or more individual values. However, attribute sets do not have a value, but only value id and parent value id.


Example: In QPR ProcessGuide a group's connection to a process step is defined by the following three values: process step id, process step instance id, attachment point.


<ModelAttributeType Name="Group starts" AttributeType="Record">

 <FieldType Name="Group object id" DataType="string" />

 <FieldType Name="Process step instance id" DataType="int" />

 <FieldType Name="Attachment point" DataType="string" />



<Attribute AttributeName="Group starts">


   <Field Name="Group object id" Value="PG_GR73" />

   <Field Name="Process step instance id" Value="1" />

   <Field Name="Attachment point" Value="Start" />




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