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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 7.5.1

Last changed in QPR 7.6.1 SP2


Set value to an action's property.




Actions.SetProperty(ActionId, PropertyName, Value)




ActionId: Integer. ID of the action for which the property value is set.

PropertyName: String. Name of the property for which a value is set. One of the following properties (note that the actual selection of available properties depends on the type of the action):

Header | Name: String.
Description: String.
PublishType | PublishTypeName: Integer | String. Defines the users for who the action is published. 0 = action's creator, 1 = parent element users, 2 = selected users, 3 = all.
PublishForUsers: Integer | String. Either an integer array or a comma-separated list of user IDs for who the action is published. This is valid only if PublishType is 2.
Category: String.
CreatedDate: DateTime | String.
Creator.Id: Integer. Sets the creator by user ID.
Creator.LoginName: String. Sets the creator by login name.
Owner: Integer | Array of integer.
AssignedTo: Integer | Array of integer.
ApprovedBy: Integer | Array of integer.
StartDate: DateTime.
Deadline: DateTime.
Status: String.
Progress: Integer | Float.
Version: String.
EmbeddedData: String.
LinkedLocation: String.
ValidFrom: DateTime.
ValidTo: DateTime.
Severity: String.
IdentifiedBy: Integer | Array of integer.
Identified: DateTime.
Probability: String.
ImpactMinimization: String.
Mitigation: String.
Impact: String.
Rating: String.
Notes: String.
NameOfTheEmbeddedFile: String.
MIME-TypeOfTheEmbeddedFile: String.


 NOTE: The listing above assumes that the default actiontypes.ini is used. With customized actiontypes.ini files some default properties can be missing or additional ones available.


Value: Variant. Value for the property defined by PropertyName.


Required Rights:


Modify rights to action defined by ActionId.


Return Values:

Below are listed the return values that this function can return:











Example Procedure:


iRet = SCApplication.Actions.SetProperty(iId, "Header", "Modified by a script")

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