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Transfer Information

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Transfer Information

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Transfer Information

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ProcessGuide is an open application. This means that information can be transferred inside a model, between models and between ProcessGuide and other applications. Openness makes it possible to utilize information from other applications and data sources, such as spreadsheet applications or databases, in modeling and analyzing and to utilize results of modeling and analyzing in other applications, e.g. in creating documents or presentations.



Transferring Information via Clipboard

ProcessGuide uses standard editing commands (Cut, Copy, Paste) and the clipboard for this information transfer. These edit operations can be done by selecting a command from the Home tab of the ribbon. Also external files may be utilized in transferring measure data between ProcessGuide and a spreadsheet application. The following types of information can be transferred:

bullet3 text

bullet3 model elements

bullet3 measure values

bullet3 flow chart

bullet3 analysis graphs



Transferring Measure Values

Measure values can be copied from or pasted to the analysis spreadsheet. Measure values are copied to the clipboard separated by tabulators. Most spreadsheet and database applications recognize and use this form, so it is possible to paste the values into these applications.


Measure values can be pasted into the analysis spreadsheet either with or without case names in the beginning of each row. If names are present ProcessGuide creates cases with these names and pastes the values. If names are not present the cases must be created manually before pasting the values.


If you have the measure values available in a format that ProcessGuide does not use, you can change the format in the Windows Control panel. ProcessGuide uses the format specified in the Control panel.


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