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Transfer Model Elements via Clipboard

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Transfer Model Elements via Clipboard

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Transfer Model Elements via Clipboard

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Whole model elements can be copied into clipboard and pasted into a model. When a model element is copied its representation in the flow chart is also copied. Model elements can be transferred either inside the same model or between different models. The following model elements can be copied:

bullet3 process steps

bullet3 groups

bullet3 connectors

bullet3 stores

bullet3 organization items

bullet3 resources

bullet3 notes

bullet3 information items

bullet3 measures


The properties which are not connections to other model elements, e.g. name and description, are copied with the model element. All the connections between elements are preserved and tried to be resolved in the target model. The resolving is done based on the name of the element. If a model element with the same name can be already found in the target model, the connection is made to this model element, otherwise the model element which the connection refers to is also copied to the target model. This means that all the possible information is always copied.





The only exception for copying is that measure values are not copied with the model elements!



Positioning of Copied Elements

When copying elements, you can define where the copied elements appear by first selecting an element or a group of elements, copying the selection (i.e. either selecting Copy from the Home tab or clicking Ctrl+C), clicking the left mouse button on the desired location on the flow chart, and pasting the selection (by either selecting Paste from the Home  tab or clicking Ctrl+V). The selection is now copied so that the top left corner of the element or group of elements is located where the mouse was clicked. Note that you can access the copying and pasting commands also through the right-click context menu.

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