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User Rights in QPR ProcessGuide's XML Export

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User Rights in QPR ProcessGuide's XML Export

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User Rights in QPR ProcessGuide's XML Export

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The XML Export in QPR ProcessGuide supports exporting user and group rights (both explicitly granted and inherited).


In order to have the user rights exported, the integration settings files (see chapter Integration Settings Files) need to have the [Parameters] section key ExportUserRights set to 1 or 2 depending on whether you want to export only explicitly granted rights (1) or also inherited rights (2). This setting is not asked in the Export Wizard, so it must be input manually into the settings files.


The exported PSLevelUserRights attributes define the id and the name of the user or group, the boolean IsGroup field defines whether the user is a single user or a group, and the AccessLevel field defines the access level (0 = none, 1 = view, 2 = update, 3 = full, 4 = administrator).


User rights are supported in XML export only. In XML import any PSLevelUserRights attributes are ignored.


An example of user rights in the exported XML:


<Attribute AttributeName="PSLevelUserRights">


       <Field Name="Id" Value="1" />

       <Field Name="Name" Value="qpr" />

       <Field Name="IsGroup" Value="false" />

       <Field Name="AccessLevel" Value="4" />





An example of integration settings file with user rights export enabled:


[Integration Task]

Name=Export User Rights for Process levels






[Model elements]


Core process=




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