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What is New in ProcessGuide 8.1?

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What is New in ProcessGuide 8.1?

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What is New in ProcessGuide 8.1?

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QPR 8.1 Richer Process Content for Everyone


QPR 8.1 as an important milestone in usability, reliability, and presentation. It offers a big improvement in how you capture, communicate, monitor, and improve processes and performance enabling everyone to create and share richer process content faster than ever!


QPR ProcessGuide new features highlights:


Microsoft compatibility & interoperability

QPR Solution Package for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
New reporting flexibility with the QPR Add-in for Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel exports in the QPR Portal
Microsoft Windows 7 compatibility


Faster process mapping and modeling

Drag-and-drop modeling
Quick modeling
Favorites tool palette
Alignment guides
Intellisense instantiation of elements
Visual modeling of relations


New modeling templates and notation symbols

New ‘Basic Process Modeling’ template
BPMN 1.2 modeling template
Enterprise Architecture Template
New  built-in notation shapes


Visualization and presentation of process models

Presentation mode
Shadows available for element shapes


Efficient web publishing and analysis

New Mini Portal mode
Zoomable flowcharts, fit to screen zoom in QPR Portal
Web Styles
Custom relations in Navigator view
Publish Navigator views in the QPR Portal
New details pane in the QPR Portal


Flexibility, customizability

New QPR API commands
New Web Service interface for creating and modifying Portal Actions


+ many other improvements!




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