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Why and How to Model Information

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Why and How to Model Information

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Why and How to Model Information

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Information modeling means modeling of knowledge, information and data attached to the process being modeled. Nowadays most business processes are information-oriented. A few things typical to these processes are:


bullet3  knowledge is needed to carry out activities in the process

bullet3  information elements are transferred between activities

bullet3  usage of information systems is an essential part of the process


When modeling information-oriented business processes, it is essential to model information elements in detail to get a thorough understanding of the process.


Information modeling is used typically to achieve the following goals:


bullet3  to model an information-oriented process

bullet3  to understand the knowledge needed in the process (knowledge management)

bullet3  to understand workflows (flow of information)

bullet3  to define information systems to be used in the process (data modeling)

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