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A Booklet Page Template

A Booklet Page Template

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A Booklet Page Template

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There can be several briefing page templates saved as .tpl files in the C:\ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2017\2017.1\Servers\Templates\WAS\Booklet\Pages folder. All .tpl files will appear as optional templates in the template selection of the Page Properties view.


A booklet page template is an html file with some extension tags. To construct your own template, use your favorite html editor or a regular text editor. The extension tags allow you to embed page specific data into your template. The booklet page template's extension tags are as follows:



Insert page number.


Insert page description.

<#page_item index="item number">

Insert briefing item. Item's number is supplied with the index parameter.


Insert page's name.


Insert page's title.


Additionally, you can use all briefing booklet templates' extension tags with your booklet page template.