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mouse_24 Exercise 134: Create a Chart for Benchmarking Purposes.


BTN_AR131. Open the Benchmarking Exercise model.
BTN_AR132. On the bottom of the Model Navigator frame, click the btn_scorecard_navigator to open the Scorecard Navigator.
BTN_AR133. In the Model Navigator frame, select the Scorecard scorecard.
BTN_AR134. In the Scorecard Navigator frame, double-click the Total Sales measure to open the Element Properties window.
BTN_AR135. On the General tab, set the Measurement settings like in the picture below:


BTN_AR136. Switch to the Graph tab and click the Edit Layout button to open the Graph Layout window.
BTN_AR137. Right-click the circular gauge and select Cut from the pop-up menu:


BTN_AR138. Drag the chart to the center of the view:


BTN_AR139. Right-click the chart and select Chart settings from the pop-up menu.
BTN_AR1310. Remove the selection from the Show ranges with background colors check box.
BTN_AR1311. In the Y-Axis group, select the Alarm series and click Settings.
BTN_AR1312. In the Series Settings window that opens, select Hide series from the Show series drop-down menu.
BTN_AR1313. Similarly, hide also the Target series.
BTN_AR1314. Select the Actual series and click the Settings button:


BTN_AR1315. The Series settings window opens. On the General tab, set the Bar width to 50 and select the Show border check box:


BTN_AR1316. Switch to the Marks tab and select the Show marks and Series name check boxes:


BTN_AR1317. Switch to the Benchmarking tab and select the Enable benchmarking and Children check boxes. In addition, remove the selection from the Current element check box:


BTN_AR1318. Click OK to close the Series settings window.
BTN_AR1319. In the Chart Properties window, switch to the Legend tab.
BTN_AR1320. Select the Show legend and Show element name check boxes and remove the selection from the Show ranges and Show series name check boxes:


BTN_AR1321. From the Location group, choose Below graph as the location:


BTN_AR1322. Click OK to close the Chart Properties window.
BTN_AR1323. The chart looks a bit cluttered, so we will define it to show fewer periods. On the Graph tab of the Element Properties window, right-click the chart and select Period from the pop-up menu.
BTN_AR1324. The Configure Chart Period window opens. Set the Number of periods displayed to 3 + 12 / 2008 + 0:


BTN_AR1325. Click OK. The chart should now look as in the picture below:


For more information, see the Benchmarking Tab of the Series Window topic in QPR Metrics - User's Guide.