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Briefing Booklets

Briefing Booklets

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Briefing Booklets

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Briefing Booklets are small publications which can provide reports for management and communication for staff. The Briefing Booklets can be used for:

Continuous (e.g. monthly) reporting

Workflow support

Gathering information from different portal views into one multi-page report

Providing an interface that is easy to use


The contents of a Briefing Booklet can be built up from material generated by QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client. In addition, they can contain free text and web pages. The views of QPR Modeling Client and QPR Metrics can be drilled down, just like in the Portal view. Administrator users and users with update rights to QPR Portal can create briefing booklets.


Briefing booklets provide more effective change communication or periodic reporting. You can pick up the relevant web views from QPR Portal into a single booklet and distribute it to selected users either via e-mail or web.