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Collecting Views to Your Basket

Collecting Views to Your Basket

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Collecting Views to Your Basket

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Creating a briefing booklet starts with collecting items to your Basket. The Basket is a tool for collecting views to a Briefing Booklet from QPR Portal.


mouse_24 Exercise 23: Collect Views to Your Basket.


BTN_AR131. On the Scorecards tab, open the Navigator view:


BTN_AR132. On the Toolbar, click btn_add_to_basket Add to Basket.
BTN_AR133. The Add to Basket window opens. Select the Dentorex Group (Navigator view) from the list and click OK.
BTN_AR134. In the Viewing Frame, expand the hierarchy by clicking the icon_expand buttons, locate the Logistics Efficiency strategic objective and click it:


BTN_AR135. On the Details Pane, click the Logistics Efficiency name to open the Element View:


BTN_AR136. Again, click btn_add_to_basket Add to Basket on the Toolbar.
BTN_AR137. In the Add to Basket window, select Element View - Logistics Efficiency (Dentorex Group Scorecard) and click OK.
BTN_AR138. In the top right section of QPR Portal, click Settings.
BTN_AR139. In the window that opens, select Manage Basket, the contents of the Basket should look as in the picture below:


BTN_AR1310. Click Close.

For more information, see the Basket topic in QPR Portal - User's Guide.