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Configuration and Settings

Configuration and Settings

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Configuration and Settings

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You can change the settings of the QPR User Management Client and some settings of the QPR Foundation Server in the QPR User Management System Configuration dialog accessible through the File arrow_right UMS Configuration option in the main menu. The dialog contains three sections, which are described below.



To change the language in use, select the desired language from the Language drop-down menu.



To define the QPR Foundation Server the client should connect to, input the host name or the IP address of the correct server into the QPR Foundation Server location field. In the case the server does not use the default port, uncheck the Use default port checkbox and input the correct port number into the Port number field.


Default Domain

In the Default domain section you can define what domain is used as default when authenticating users who are logging into QPR Portal. The domain that is set as default is used as a default option when users are logging into QPR Portal, QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client, but other domains can still be chosen from the drop-down menu if the Show only default domain option is not checked. In the case you check the Show only default domain checkbox, the default domain is the only domain available, so the users of these applications cannot select any other domain when logging in. Thus, if Domain1 is set as default domain and the Show only default domain option is checked, then a user with rights to Domain2 cannot log into these applications. Without the Show only default domain option, the user can use his Domain2 account for logging in, providing that Domain2 is chosen from the domain list first.