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Connecting to QPR Web Service

Connecting to QPR Web Service

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Connecting to QPR Web Service

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Before starting to design a report, a connection to QPR web service needs to be established.


mouse_24 Exercise 1: Locate the QPR tab in Microsoft Word and Connect to QPR Web Service.


BTN_AR131. Start Microsoft Office Word.
BTN_AR132. Click the QPR tab on the ribbon:


BTN_AR133. On the QPR tab, click the Server Connection button:


BTN_AR134. The QPR Web Service Connection Settings dialog will open. Type in "http://localhost/QPR2017-1/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll/wsforward/MainService.svc/wsHttp" to the 'QPR web service URL' field, "qpr" to the 'User name' field, and "demo" to the 'Password' field:



NOTE: If your environment is configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication, use http://localhost:9002/QPR2017-1/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll/wsforward/MainService.svc/wsHttp as the web service URL

BTN_AR135. Click Save.

For more information, see the Configuring topic in QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office - User's Guide.