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Export Model

Export Model

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Export Model

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Models in QPR Metrics are saved in the QPR Metrics database. Once a model has been exported to file format, then it can be easily handled like any other file, i.e. saved to disk, attached to an e-mail, etc.



Exporting a Model

To export a model to file format from QPR Metrics, do the following:



1.Open the model you want to export.

2.From the Application menu, select Manage > Export. The Select an export file window appears.

3.Select the location where the file model will be created. By default, the model name is set as file name. You can change the file name if you want to.

4.Click the Save button to export the model. The model is now exported to the file.


Note: All views are exported with the model. For more information on views see Configuring the Hierarchy Views and Configuring the Dashboards view.