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Managing Booklets

Managing Booklets

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Managing Booklets

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mouse_24 Exercise 40: Change the Recipients of a Briefing Booklet, Hide a Booklet from Recipients, and Delete a Booklet.


BTN_AR131. On the My Contents tab, select the My Briefings view:


BTN_AR132. On the Toolbar, click btn_manage_briefing_booklets Manage Briefing Booklets.
BTN_AR133. The Manage Briefing Booklets window opens. Select the Dentorex Asia Office Booklet, select the Recipients tab and click the Edit Users button:


BTN_AR134. The Select Users window opens. From the Users and groups list, select Demo User, click the > button, and click OK:


BTN_AR135. In the Manage Briefing Booklets window, select the Properties tab, and tick the Hide booklet from recipients and don't send notifications check box:


BTN_AR136. Select the Model Maintenance Report booklet and click Delete:


BTN_AR137. Answer OK to the confirmation question.

For more information, see the Managing Briefing Booklets topic and its sub topics in QPR Portal - User's Guide.