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Period Wizard

Period Wizard

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Period Wizard

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The Period Wizard allows you to create periods for a period level quickly and easily. For example, you can create periods for every week of the year by selecting week as the period level and setting the first and the last day of the year as the start and end dates.



The Period Wizard


To generate periods for a selected level, follow the steps below:


1.Select the level you want to create periods for from the Generate Periods for level drop-down box.
2.If you want to have a specific prefix for the level, type it into the Period level prefix field. The level prefix will appear in front of period names.
3.Type or select the start date of the first period into the Start date field. To select the date from a calendar, click the btn_expand button to open the calendar view and click on the desired date.




4.Similarly as with the start date, type or select the end date of the last period into the End date field.
5.Click the Create button to generate periods for the time span between the start date and the end date.