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View Reports

View Reports

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View Reports

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By selecting the appropriate view from the left frame, you can list the reports that are published to everyone and the reports published to you. The left frame sorts the reports according to their categories. The right frame contains the list of reports.


To open a report, click the View report link. Alternatively, you can select the report from the list in the right frame, click All properties on the Details Pane, and then click on the file link on the Report data field. If the Details Pane is disabled, click the file link on the Report Data field on the report properties shown on the bottom of the view.


Note that when you delete a report through the View Reports view, the report will only be deleted from the reports list that is shown to you. To permanently delete a report, you need to delete it in the Manage Reports > Generated reports view.


Clicking the Copy Link button in the toolbar copies the URL link of the current view to the clipboard for sharing (Internet Explorer), or shows a dialog from where the link can be copied.