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Resources are elements of the organization that are used in the process. Resource has the following properties:

bullet3  name

bullet3  resource type

bullet3  description

bullet3 organization item

bullet3  used in connectors

bullet3  used in process steps

bullet3  resource groups

bullet3  resource pools

bullet3  owned process steps

bullet3  owned connectors


Resource type can be material, personnel, machinery, stock, property or other. Resources usually belong to an organization item. Resources are used in process steps and connectors. For resources of type personnel, machinery, stock and property the following properties are used:

bullet3  amount available

bullet3  unit cost

bullet3  unit


Amount available specifies how many resources are available, e.g. there might be three salesmen, one office assistant and one technical support person in the sales office. For resources other than material, unit cost is the cost of using the resources for one time-based unit, e.g. salesman might cost £100 per one hour.


In addition to the properties mentioned above, the following properties apply only for material resources:

bullet3  store size

bullet3  ordering limit

bullet3  order size

bullet3  ordering cost

bullet3  ordering time


Material resources have a built-in storage to ease the modeling of storage handling for materials. Store size specifies the maximum amount of material that can be stored. When the amount of material in store drop below the ordering limit, a replenishment order will be sent. The amount of material ordered is specified by the order size. Each replenish order will take a certain time (ordering time) before ordered material is in the store and ordering will have a certain cost specified by ordering cost.


A resource can belong to several resource groups or pools and it can itself be either of them. A resource group is a collection of resources that are all allocated to that group, e.g. a manufacturing cell including two workers, a machine and some property could be a resource group. A resource pool is a collection of resources, which are substitutes for each other, so any free resource belonging to a certain resource pool can be used. An example of a resource pool could be called Management resources. All the human resources belonging to this pool can do managerial tasks and make management decisions. This pool could include e.g. a managing director and all the managers.


Resources are used in process steps and connectors. This allocation is done for material resources by indicating the number of units consumed in process step or connector. The resources of other type than material are allocated to process steps or connectors by specifying the number of resources needed. The specified amount of resources is reserved for a process step or connector during the whole processing time.


Owned process steps and connectors are the elements for which this person has been modeled as being the owner.