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Set as Default View Dialog

Set as Default View Dialog

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Set as Default View Dialog

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In this view administrator users can define the users for who the configured view is set as the default view. The options are:

Author: Only the administrator will use the view as his or her default view.

Everyone: Every QPR Portal user uses the view by default.

Selected users: The view is the default view for users selected using the dialog that is opened by clicking the Users button.


Select the desired option and click OK to confirm the selection. Click Cancel to close the window without changing anyone's default views. Setting a view as default refreshes the preview pane below the designer and stores the view as the default view that is opened when the corresponding QPR Portal section is accessed, but does not save it in the sense that you cannot find it in the Views menu. Note that this option does not update any previously saved views listed in the view selection dialog but will replace just the default view saved for user(s) instead.