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View Editor Window

View Editor Window

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View Editor Window

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In the editor window you can make changes to the currently configured view and define the users for who the view is published to. After making changes, you can either save them to the existing view or create a new view.


Define a name for the view into the View name field, or modify the existing name. This field cannot be left empty. In the Parameters field you can see the parameters that are used in constructing the view appropriately.


To define that the configured view is available to be used only for the currently selected model, select the checkbox Use view only with this model. Note that you cannot define this for all views since model specific views can be only the ones where elements of a certain model (created in QPR Modeling Client or QPR Metrics) are listed.


Administrator users can also define the users who will have the view available. The publishing can be defined in the Publish To section and the options include: Author (only the administrator has the view in use), Everyone (every QPR Portal user can use the view) and Selected users (the view is available to users selected using the dialog that is opened by clicking the Users button).


To confirm the view options and to save them to the existing view, click the Save button. Note that you cannot edit the default view from this dialog. To create a new view, click the Save as button. Note that the name is not a unique identifier, so you can use an existing name to create a new view.


Click the Cancel button to close the window without saving the view.