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View Selection Dialog

View Selection Dialog

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View Selection Dialog

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In the View Selection dialog you can select predefined views to be used in the view from which you accessed the View Selection dialog. The available views are divided into different categories based on whether they are shared or published only for yourself, and whether they are global or model-specific. Thus, the following folders are possible:

Shared Model Specific Views

Shared Global Views

My Model Specific Views

My Global Views


The shared views include all shared views you have created as well as shared views published to you, whereas my views include all views you have saved and published for yourself. The global views include views that are available for all models to be used, whereas model specific views are available only for the model that they have been specified for in View Editor Window. Note that model specific views can be only the ones where elements of a certain model (created in QPR Modeling Client or QPR Metrics) are listed.


You can select to list the views Alphabetically or by a Custom order. The Custom order can be defined in the Manage Shared Bookmarks section of QPR Portal Settings.


Select the desired view from the list to open the view or click Close to close the view selection dialog and to return to the original view.