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Text Formatting

Text Formatting

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Text Formatting

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The appearance of texts in a diagram can be customized. It is possible to add linefeeds (blank lines) and tab characters into model object names, for example.


Inserting Linefeeds

To insert a linefeed (blank line) into the text you are editing, simply press Ctrl+Enter.


Inserting Tab Characters

To insert a tab character into the text you are editing, press the Tab key.


The editing is finished pressing the Enter key.



Using HTML Formatting with Texts Visible in QPR Portal

It is possible to use HTML formatting for element description texts as well as for text and memo types of custom attributes. The QPR Portal views in which tags are supported parse the HTML tags provided that the all the included tags are supported and the tags have also end tags. In the case the parsing fails, all tags are displayed as regular text. The following tags are supported:

Bold: <b></b>

Italic: <i></i>

Underline: <u></u>

Bulleted list: <ul></ul>

List item: <li></li>

New line: <br/> (this does not require a separate end tag because of the slash included before the closing bracket)

Hyperlink: <a></a>

Font: <font></font>. Note that all attributes such as size do not work as the CSS in QPR Portal overrides those settings.

Span: <span></span>


Note that although XHTML conventions apply regarding the need for closing tags, also uppercase versions of the supported tags can be used.