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Using Formulas

Using Formulas

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Using Formulas

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mouse_24 Exercise 102: Define a Formula for the Exceed Customer Expectations Element.


BTN_AR131. Open the Using Formulas Exercise Model.
BTN_AR132. Open the Scorecard Navigator.
BTN_AR133. Double-click the Exceed Customer Expectations element:


BTN_AR134. The Element Properties window will open. Select the Series tab.
BTN_AR135. On the Series tab, select the Actual (ACT) series and change the Input Type to Formula:



BTN_AR136. The Formula window will open. Select Custom and define the formula as AVERAGE(RANGE(?.ACT())). Now the average of the Range values is calculated from all sub-elements:


BTN_AR137. Click OK.
BTN_AR138. A dialog will open asking if the values for all periods should be recalculated. Click Yes.

See the Formulas section in QPR Metrics - User's Guide for more information about using formulas.