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Using the Presentation View

Using the Presentation View

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Using the Presentation View

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QPR Modeling Client features a full screen Presentation View for the diagram. The Presentation View can be used to browse and display the contents of the diagram. In this chapter, we will go through the functions of the Presentation View.


mouse_24 Exercise 78: Use the Presentation View.


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex - Quality Management System model.
BTN_AR132. Go to the top level of the Diagram Hierarchy.
BTN_AR133. On the View tab of the ribbon, click Diagram View > Presentation View:


BTN_AR134. The Presentation View opens in full screen. Click somewhere on the diagram, hold the mouse button, and move the mouse to pan the diagram.
BTN_AR135. Point the mouse on a process step and use the scroll wheel of the mouse. This controls the zoom factor.
BTN_AR136. On the Presentation Tools, alter the zoom factor also with the btn_presentation_view_dec_inc_zoom buttons, the btn_presentation_view_zoom_slider zoom slider, and the btn_presentation_view_zoom drop-down menu.
BTN_AR137. On the Presentation Tools, click the btn_presentation_view_fit_to_scrn Fit to Screen button. The zoom factor is altered to show the whole diagram in the view.
BTN_AR138.  Double-click on the Recruitment Process process step. The view will go down into the Recruitment Process child diagram.
BTN_AR139. On the Presentation Tools, click the btn_presentation_view_up_to_parent Up to Parent Diagram button. The view will change to the parent diagram.
BTN_AR1310. On the Presentation Tools, click the btn_presentation_view_back Back button to go back to the view you just left (i.e. the Recruitment Process diagram).
BTN_AR1311. On the Presentation Tools, click the btn_presentation_view_forward Forward button to go forward to the view in which you pressed the Back button (i.e. the main diagram).
BTN_AR1312. On the Presentation Tools, click the btn_presentation_view_close Close button or press the Esc key to close the Presentation View.