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Add Drawing Elements to Diagram

Add Drawing Elements to Diagram

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Add Drawing Elements to Diagram

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In addition to model elements, the following drawing elements can also be added to the diagram:


bullet2  checkpoints

bullet2  texts

bullet2  pictures



Adding Checkpoints

To draw a checkpoint, select the Checkpoint tool btn_checkpoint in the Tool Palette. Checkpoints are horizontal or vertical lines in the diagram. After drawing the checkpoint, enter a name for it.



Adding Pictures

You can add pictures to diagram by selecting the Picture tool btn_draw_picture in the Tool Palette, pointing and clicking the location for the picture on the diagram and then selecting the picture file to be added. Pictures can also be added via clipboard. The following picture formats are supported: Windows metafiles, bitmaps, JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs.



Adding Texts

To add freeform texts to diagram, select the Text tool btn_text in the Tool Palette, then point and click the location for the text on the diagram and type in the text or paste it from clipboard. When typing in text you can take advantage of the text formatting capabilities in QPR Modeling Client. You can also define default settings (font, alignment) for texts using the Text Properties dialog.


If you want the text box to be of another size than the default, you can define the text box size when first adding the text element by keeping the left mouse button pressed down. When you release the left mouse button, the text box is created in the size you defined. You can also resize the text box after drawing it by dragging from the corner of the element while keeping the left mouse button pressed down.