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Element Types

Element Types

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Element Types

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EA_iconIf the Metamodel Browsing feature is enabled by your license, the Element types hierarchy can be selected to show the following elements:

Process step types

Element types

Connector types

System types

Note that you need to select which elements are shown on the list in the Navigator View Settings.


You can name and save the view type in the same way as for other Navigator views using the Navigator View Settings but you cannot modify the elements when using this hierarchy type. Publishing to QPR Portal is not supported and you cannot use this type in Diagram Explorer.


The columns in this view are read-only so drag and drop operations are not supported and you cannot create new element types in this view. Items cannot be edited or deleted from this view. You can define new filters and apply existing ones but columns specific to this view type are not available in filters.


You can use this hierarchy type in Model Comparison.


To copy the Navigator view cell values from this view for pasting to, for example, Microsoft Office Excel, select the content and choose "Copy" from the pop-up menu, or select "Select All" from the pop-up menu and then "Copy".


See the Navigator View Settings topic for information on how to define the settings for the view.