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In the Find window you can search for text in the currently open model. To open the Find window, click the btn_find Find button on the Home tab of the ribbon or by pressing the Ctrl + F. You need to have model administrator or system administrator rights to access this window.




To perform a search, simply enter the desired text in the "Find what" box and then click the Find button. Optionally, you can select the "Match case" checkbox to only search for text that matches the exact capitalization of the text that you enter in the "Find what" box. Furthermore, you can select the "Whole words only" checkbox to only search whole words that are not part of larger words.


Note that wildcard searches are not available. Therefore performing a search with the asterisk symbol "*" in the "Find what" box will simply search for occurrences of the asterisk symbol "*" in the model.


The searched object types include scorecards, all element/measure types, all linked element types and information items. The search is performed in the name and description fields only.



Once you have clicked the "Find" button to perform a search, any results found are displayed in a table at the bottom of the window. Each row of the table displays the name of the "Element" (=object) and the name of the "Scorecard" in which the text was found, the "Type" of the element in which it was found, and, in the "Found in fields" column, the property fields in which the text was found. You can sort the search result alphabetically by any column. Note that the search result is limited to a maximum of 10,000 lines, and rows exceeding this limit are not shown on the list.


To display a particular search result, select it from the table and then click either of the buttons in the "Show" section. Selecting to show "On Navigator" displays the object in which the text was found, selected on the Scorecard Navigator. Selecting to show "Properties..." displays the properties dialog of the object in which the text was found.