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Open an Existing Model from File

Open an Existing Model from File

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Open an Existing Model from File

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To open an existing file model, select Open arrow_right File Model from the Application menu or click the Open button btn_open in the quick access toolbar when a Server connection is not open. Browse the file model you want to open and click Open.


The following model type restrictions apply in opening a file model:

Only QPR EAXpress, QPR ProcessXpress, and old QPR ProcessGuide models can be opened in QPR EAXpress and QPR EAXpress models cannot be opened in other QPR Modeling Client Editions. If you have upgraded from QPR ProcessXpress or QPR EAXpress to QPR ProcessDesigner or QPR EnterpriseArchitect, contact QPR Customer Care for converting models done with QPR ProcessXpress or QPR EAXpress.

QPR EnterpriseArchitect models can be opened only in QPR EnterpriseArchitect


Note that if you try to open a file model which has been saved with QPR ProcessGuide version earlier than 8.0, an error message is displayed saying that this file version is no longer supported.


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