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To start developing your model, begin by developing the scorecard for your organization.


A scorecard can contain the following elements:


Top elements: This element is located at the top of the element hierarchy and provides an overview of the scorecard.

Elements: These measure performance based on its given quantitative data.

Linked elements: These provide the qualitative information to the scorecard.

Information items: These are linked to specific elements to provide additional support information.


If an organization requires, it can be very useful to develop additional scorecards for sub-groups within an organization. The idea that you can have a model with numerous scorecards is important for two reasons: firstly, it is not necessary to create separate models for different scorecards, and secondly, it can assist in visualizing, evaluating and improving the links up and down an organizational hierarchy as well as between scorecards.


The optimal window for viewing, evaluating and modifying a scorecard, is the Scorecard Explorer window. Through its views you can access all the functionality you need while developing your model.



Scorecards in Models

A scorecard is a sub-group within your organizational hierarchy. A model consists of a number of scorecards. Scorecards are arranged in a hierarchical structure.


A scorecard can represent a functional unit, for instance:






A scorecard can also represent a process, for instance:


key process

support process


Sometimes, a scorecard can even represent a combination of a functional unit and a process. The idea is to give your organization great flexibility in how you want to expand your QPR Metrics model.


In practice, a scorecard collates in a convenient combination of text and high-impact graphics, the elements, linked elements, and information items that have been defined for scorecards.



Deleting Scorecards

When a scorecard is deleted, so are all of its contents, i.e. its sub-scorecards, elements, linked elements, etc. Scorecards can be deleted any of the following ways:


In the Scorecard Explorer, right-click the scorecard in the Model Navigator frame to be deleted and select Delete from the pop-up menu, or simply press the Delete key.

In the Hierarchy Views, right-click the scorecard to be deleted and select Delete Element from the pop-up menu, or simply press the Delete key.

In the Element menu, select Delete arrow_right Scorecard. The Scorecards window opens. Select the scorecard to be deleted from the list and click OK.