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In this chapter we will start to automate the creation of the second page of the hand built QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office Training Guide Hand Built Report.docx. For this we needs tags. Most tags needed in designing a report can be inserted by using the Insert Field pane.


mouse_24 Exercise 4: Generate a Measure Page Containing the Name and Graph of the Measure 'Number of Individual Customer Feedbacks'.


BTN_AR131. Create a new blank document.
BTN_AR132. On the QPR tab of the ribbon, click btn_insert_field Insert Field. The Insert Field pane opens.
BTN_AR133. On the Insert Field pane, select "QPR Metrics Models" from the 'Search From' drop-down menu and expand the hierarchy by clicking the btn_expand_model_hierarchy button:



BTN_AR134. Select 'QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office Training Model' from the list:



BTN_AR135. Type "feedback" in the 'Search Text' field:



BTN_AR136. From the 'Scope' drop-down menu, expand the hierarchy by clicking the btn_expand_model_hierarchy button, and uncheck everything else but 'Company scorecard':



BTN_AR137. Make sure that the 'Include References' check box is unchecked.
BTN_AR138. Click the Search button.
BTN_AR139. From the 'Search Results', select "Number of individual feedbacks".
BTN_AR1310. In the 'Fields Available' section, check "Name" and "Element Graph":


BTN_AR1311. Click the Insert button.
BTN_AR1312. Close the Insert Field pane by clicking the btn_close_pane button in the top right corner of the pane. The document should now look like this:


BTN_AR1313. Save the document. It will be used later.
BTN_AR1314. Click btn_publish Publish and define a name and a location to the report. The report is then created and it should look as in the picture below:



For more information, see the Fields topic in QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office - User's Guide.