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Use Series and Ranges and Value Settings

Use Series and Ranges and Value Settings

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Use Series and Ranges and Value Settings

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A series such as Actual Value, or Forecasted Value, is defined as a type that is available for use throughout the model. Series are defined within a model and can be shared between those elements of the model. Once you assign value settings (which contain a specific set of ranges and series), you can begin to enter periodic data into the series.


When defining a series, it can be one of two types: normal or range limit. For example, a normal series may be defined as an Actual Value, Budgeted Value or Forecasted Value. Whereas, a range limit series may be defined as an Alarm Value or Target Value.


Ranges, such as "Below Average", are the areas that are located between the range limits that have been defined for the element. The range limits are designed to reflect the changing goals of companies. The company's results fall into these ranges and, thereby demonstrate its performance.


Value settings are defined as a collection of series and ranges. Every element is then assigned one of these collections of value settings. Therefore you only need to define this information once and then you can simply attach it to any of the elements in the model. This saves you from redefining the settings for each individual element. Note that there are no restrictions in entering values outside the given ranges.


The series, range and value settings concept has been designed to benefit the user with additional flexibility when defining the values of the elements. By providing a container called value settings, in which a specific set of series and ranges can be placed, a specified set of series and ranges can be defined for one scorecard and then easily reused in another. Therefore, the value settings serve to manage the series and ranges of the model.


Before you can define values for elements, you have to define at least value settings and a periodic hierarchy. To define the periodic hierarchy of the model you need to define the periods and period levels of the model.



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