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Duplicate Scorecards

Duplicate Scorecards

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Duplicate Scorecards

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To create a copy of a scorecard:


1.Open the Scorecard Explorer.
2.In the Model Navigator frame highlight the scorecard under which you would like to copy a scorecard.
3.Right-click the highlighted scorecard and select Create Copy... from the pop-up menu.
4.If the model contains more than one scorecard, then the Scorecard list dialog opens. In that case, select the scorecard to be copied from the list of scorecards and click OK.
5.A scorecard duplicate appears in the model under the highlighted scorecard. The name of the duplicate is the same as the original scorecard, except that there is a running number after the name in parentheses. The first duplicate has a running number of 2, the second one 3, and so on. Also analysis view settings attached to the scorecard are copied.



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