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Set Rights to Objects and Branches

Set Rights to Objects and Branches

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Set Rights to Objects and Branches

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For every user and user group, you can define access rights to the individual model elements. For example, let's say that your entire staff has access to all of the elements of your model. However, the model contains the "Salaries" element, which should only be accessible by a small number of people. In this case you can set access rights (View, Update or Full) for only those people to the "Salaries" element and set the rest to have no access rights (None). Then the rest of your staff cannot access the element while still being able to access the rest of the model as before.


Setting user and user group rights to specific objects or branches of the model can be done from the Model Navigator frame of the Scorecard Explorer or from the Scorecard Navigator view of the Scorecard Explorer:


1.In the Model Navigator frame, Scorecard Navigator, Hierarchy Views, or the Dashboards, select the model item for which you would like to set user rights.
2.Right-click the item and select User Rights from the pop-up menu. Specify whether you want to define user rights for the Selected Object or the Selected Branch. Choosing "Selected Object" means that the user rights will only apply the selected item. Choosing "Selected Branch" means that the user rights will apply to the selected item and all the items that lie within its branch of the hierarchy.
3.The User Rights window for the selected object or branch opens.
This window displays the list of users and user groups who have access rights to the current model (administrators and model administrators, who automatically have unlimited rights to the elements, are not listed here). If you select a user or user group, the radio buttons in the "Access level" section will indicate the selected user or user group's access level to the selected element. If an access level has not yet been assigned, then none of the radio buttons will be selected.
4.To define a user or user group's access level to the selected object or branch, select a user or user group and then select the appropriate "Access level" radio button: None, View, Update, or Full.
5.Click the Set Rights button to apply the selected rights. A confirmation dialog will appear to inform you if the rights were set successfully. You can remove the selected user's rights to the branch by clicking the Delete Rights button. Delete All removes the branch rights from all users.
6.Click the close button when you have finished setting rights to the object or branch.

Tip: You can define access rights to model elements for several users and user groups simultaneously by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the users or groups.