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Scorecard Navigator

Scorecard Navigator

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Scorecard Navigator

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The Scorecard Navigator is an extremely useful tool, which allows you to navigate the contents of a specific scorecard. It functions in the same manner as the Model Navigator frame in the Scorecard Explorer window. The Scorecard Navigator is an alternative to the Hierarchy Views for viewing the contents of a scorecard.


Within the Scorecard Navigator, you can browse and edit the hierarchical structure of a scorecard utilizing the View Options in the View tab of the Ribbon and the Scorecard Navigator view. The elements, linked elements, information items, strategies and visions belonging to the scorecard can all be viewed in the Scorecard Navigator. As well, by selecting the buttons on the View Options, specific scorecard items can be viewed or hidden from the hierarchy.


As in the Model Navigator frame of the Scorecard Explorer, items can be added, modified, deleted, and assigned user rights to the scorecard in this view.


The Scorecard Navigator view is part of the Scorecard Explorer.


The View

The Scorecard Navigator displays the contents of a scorecard in a hierarchical view. To select which elements are visible in the view, click the View Options buttons for information items and possible linked element types. If the "Highlight calculation errors" setting is enabled in QPR Metrics Options, the name of an element containing at least one erroneous formula is highlighted in red in the Scorecard Navigator view.


To learn how to work with the Scorecard Navigator, see Working with Elements in the Scorecard Navigator.



View Options


The View Options in the View tab of the Ribbon list the icons for all linked element types defined for the model. Click on the icon to toggle the visibility of the corresponding linked element type.



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