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User Rights

User Rights

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User Rights

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In QPR Metrics user rights are always model-specific. Therefore if you modify users' rights, these modifications only apply to the current model. Only user rights are managed in QPR Metrics, users themselves can be created and removed using the QPR User Management Client.


There are three classes of users: Browser User, Developer User, and Administrator (including Model Administrator). A QPR Metrics administrator has full user rights and has the task to set the rights for the other QPR Metrics users and user groups. A Model Administrator has rights equal to a QPR Metrics Administrator, with the restriction that the rights apply only to the model where he/she has the model administrator rights. The owner/creator of a model is the administrator of it and belongs to all three user classes at one time.


Additionally, there are different possible access levels. With access levels you can define the type of access that a user has to different model elements. These access levels can be defined for classes of model items (e.g. the "Scorecard" class encompasses all of the scorecards of the model) as well as for specific objects (e.g. rights to the Perspective "Customer" or to the Top Element "Company Scorecard").


The four access levels are as follows:


None: This access level denies the user of any access to the selected modeling elements.

View:  This access level allows the user to only view the selected modeling elements.

Update:  This access level allows view rights and the user can add or modify the information of the selected modeling elements. For example, a user can create linked elements to an element.

Full:  This access level allows the user to all the available functionality of the selected modeling elements, i.e. create new, edit, delete, etc.



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